Final thoughts on embracing uncertainty (EU05)

"The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately." -Seneca

Yes the coronavirus pandemic charted tremendous uncertainty in our time as of the moment frustrating or fearing the future is not the best way to attack the problem. Our brain is wired to solve problems that needs immediate attention instead of focusing on the bigger picture of how that problem may affect your life moving forward. This is where most of us get caught in a trap, unable to acknowledge that uncertainty is part of reality itself and eventually make wrong decisions which can be fatal. Risk is part of everything we do, we have to accept it to move forward.

You must become a person that accepts fate - no matter the circumstances. Embracing uncertainty is a prerequisite of better understanding of the situation which eventually makes us better. Failing in the process, as long as it does not kill you is something to be understood and nof fear with. However hard the situation is, you must attack it head on. If you fail, get up and try again.

Lastly, you don't have enough time. If you know something is important enough and will make you future much better and meaningful, quit wasting your time and get to your duty of understanding yourself and the situation. Remember, the better you respond in this pandemic, the better you will become for your family and your community.