Intro to Darwinian Theory (DT00)

Back in mid-2018, I started this search for answers to my financial problems after failing in a business venture. I studied a lot of different disciplines but one of them seemed one of the most powerful and is applicable to almost everything we do. Darwinian Theory is like an embedded system for all species of organisms which arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. This system existed to a lot of obserbed groups of animals that includes us.

Our present world is continously being built on thousands of iterations from naturally selected micro decisions by our ancestors and nature itself as such the beauty of Charles Darwin's discovery outlined in his book The Origins of the Species published in 1859. It explains the diversity of life on earth, the plants and animals existing in all sorts of different kinds of environments and that includes us - the most dominant species to-date.

My objective in this tome of knowledge are:

  • Outline the history of how Charles Darwin reinforced his understanding of the theory, starting from his upbringing, his journey to survey the world with the ship HMS beagle and up to the events that lead him to creating the book DT01
  • Explain how Darwinian theory works DT02
  • Explain our evolution and how it relates to modern day life DT03
  • Share my final thoughts DT04

This is a challenge to create as Darwinian Theory encompass all life related sciences. Trying to explain it in a manner that it will be useful will be a challenge. I might need a lot of artwork done and additional research. Edits will be continously done through this website over the span of weeks so forgive me for a lot of grammatical errors along the way. My budget for the project is a week to three weeks. If I have done well, I'll be able to convey knowledge that is valuable to each individual's journey moving forward.