Introduction to Embracing Uncertainty (EU00)

What is Embrace Uncertainty?

Embrace Uncertainty is a compilation of processes that I implemented to solve a situation I encountered a few years ago that is very similart to what most people are encountering now as I may describe as the post pandemic result lack of jobs, losing people they love due to the virus itself and mental illnesses. This course will try to breakdown a complex problem of starting from zero, with nothing and only your wits. I get it,at the time I was in the middle of nothingness, no money and no friends and family helping it was utterly maddening. But I was able fix my situation through a step-by-step process. I'm confident that this system can be laid out in a platform like this so everybody can access it freely and anyone can repeat the complete turnaround that I did. So here is my attempt to do it.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. - Albert Einstein

I needed to drill this quote hard in to my head two years ago. I found myself in June 2018 broke and without clarity, losing all of my assets and a still w/ debt after investing and operating a hostel business named Navotac in a remote island in Linapacan, Palawan. Most of my friends feel I was a failure. I clearly don't know where to start again.

I never encountered such absurd madness before. Needing to sustain myself and my mom but unable to for some months became a painful situation to be at. The lack of options and resources became a normal for some months.

Like most of the people now are encountering after losing their jobs due to collapse of industries and lives of loved ones in this pandemic - I was in a similar position and was able to navigate it and built a stronger version of me.

I know where you are right now, If this is the start of that process...let me assure you that lots of us were able to navigate similar situations in the past, circumstances may differ but there is a methodology on how to navigate this troubling times.

That is what Embracing Uncertainty is - at the core of this course, I will teach you why it is important to accept the uncertainty and find a better you while solving the challeges you are facing.

To expand on those objective, I aim to:

  • Teach a simpler and more robust approach in solving the hard problems caused by loss of resources and / or jobs, information overload or bad influences.
  • Teach people that there is a process in honing one's abilities even in a time of crisis.
  • Add more to society through conveying quality information especially essential knowledge in history, philosophy, neuroscience and psychology.

I needed to understand a ton of different frame of thinking to be able to embrace uncertainty. In any case that you feel I was not able to achieve my objectives, feel free to email me or put a comment in my survey form.

The lessons that I will convey in Embracing Uncertainty are closely related to stoicism which specializes at its core to ignore the things that are outside the sphere of our control - thus focusing on our own actions, thinking and virtues.

These are the topics that you will tackle in this course.

  • The science behind your ability to think (EU01)
  • How to tap into your potential (EU02)
  • Openness to Experience and Stoicism (EU03)
  • Case Analyses and Applications of EU01, EU02,EU03 (EU04)
  • Final thoughts and recommendations (EU05)

You will definitely encounter tons discomfort in the lessons. Most ideas I will share will spike controversy inside of you but my suggestion is for you to stick with what I'm trying to teach you for the next 4 to 5 hours reading the topics. There is a functionality to download this platform so you can read it anywhere or offline at your comfort. I hope in a way I will make your efforts for tackling the biggest tests of life you are tackling now a bit easier through a better frame of thinking. I take pride in adding value to people by teaching what is only true and I hope it will still remain the same after I have digitized my process.

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